Dear Leles,

Lele Hitavardhak Mandal started working and we began to join hands. We thought many ways by which we can accumulate our data and join the Lele Dnyati’ together.

One of the ways thought, was using the new generation technology. The world wide web is the best way to accumulate our database and to let people know many things about LELEs

The first
Kulavrutant’ of Leles was published in the year1949 and now we thought that the new generation edition should be the e-book. So we intend to make this website useful as well as compiling data.

We are very fortunate to have forefathers, who were very farsighted and who have taken lot of efforts to compile and preserve the data for the period from year 1650 to 1950. We are indebted to them forever.

We have tried our best to present that data to the new generation in new technology. And
we intend to collect, compile and upgrade the entire data. We request all of you, the Leles and all the daughters of Leles to extend the co-operation for this noble cause.